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outdoor best selling bamboo decking BSWO-W
outdoor best selling bamboo decking BSWO-W
Product Details

Description:DassoXTR Fused Bamboo Decking,Wave Surface, No T&G at ends

Product Code: BSWO-W
Specification: T18xW137xL1860mm
Structure: Fused Bamboo

Dasso XTR Decking is fused of 100% bamboo fiber, with the patent of heat treated, Dasso’s bamboo decking is quite stable, also being anti-termite & anti-mould etc by extracting the nutrition inside bamboo such as starch, sugar etc. .The big difference between DassoXTR decking and others is the methods what we used is Natural and Green, this method we have received the Patent certificate in Australia, Singapore, America, Russia etc. we never insert chemical elements in bamboo fiber. Besides this the material we will check it in every step to assure the density and moisture content is keep standard. Also the glue we used is the ONLY one which is developed by Dasso& Dynea (a famous adhesive company in Finland), any other company will have no right to apply this kind of glue. That is also why some other factories have the similar decking view with Dasso, but the totally different performance.
DassoXTR has been installed in different kind of environment, which always prove itself to be stable:
Cold+ Dry: North of China etc.
Cold+ Humid: Northeast of America etc.
Hot+ Dry: Iran, Israel, Qatar etc.
Hot +Humid: Singapore, Maldives,Thailand etc.


Technical Data:

Durability (Resistance against brown, white rot fungi): class 1 (EN 350-1 and the EN 113 standards)
Density: around 1200 kg/m3
Reaction to Fire: Bf1-s1 (EN ISO 11925-2:2010; EN ISO9239-1:2002)
Release of Formaldehyde: E1 (EN717-2)
Dimensional stability: length: +0,1 %;width+0,9% (24 hours in water 20°C)

Wave Surface Details:

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