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green stem bamboo decking BSWO-S
Product Details

Description: DassoXTR Fused Bamboo Decking, Smooth Surface, No T&G at ends
Product Code: BSWO-S
Specification: T18xW137xL1860mm
Structure: Fused Bamboo

DassoXTR is a solid, high density bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo strips. It is suitable for outdoor applications, especially as decking. Dasso use a special, patented heat treatment process to alter the hardness, dimensional stability and durability to a level superior to the best tropical hardwood species. As for the surface view, The special symmetrical shape of the sides offers the possibility of choose between either the wave or the flat surface, and allows for quick installation with clips.


1. Durable, anti-abrasion, sound-proof, insect-free, moisture proof;
2. High density, high hardness, pressure resistance, eco-friendly;
3. Installation: By Stainless steel clips
4. Complying with stringent European standard e1 for formaldehyde emission;
5. Prepackaged and new in pallet with full warranty;
6. 4 sided tongue and groove with micro-bevel edges for easier installation;
7. Strict Moisture control;
8. well balanced material;
9. Full 15 year dasso warranty;
10. Lowest price, 100% "A" grade bamboo.

We did many of these amazing decking projects through our worldwide partners. Projects have been covered in western Europe, North America, South Africa, Middle East, Asia. etc. Including severe weather condition areas such as Singapore, Maldives, Thiland, Qatar etc. 

Technical Data:

Durability (Resistance against brown, white rot fungi) : class 1 (EN 350-1 and the EN 113 standards)

Density: around 1200 kg/m3

Reaction to Fire:Bf1-s1 (EN ISO 11925-2:2010; EN ISO9239-1:2002)

Release of Formaldehyde: E1 (EN717-2)

Dimensional stability:length: +0,1 %;width+0,9% (24 hours in water 20°C)

Wave Surface Details:


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